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Don't be fooled by its name. There's more than two ways to wear the new #linearDUO. This dress gets its moniker from the dual maxi length panels that cover over the midi length dress underneath. Tapping in to one of the most versatile styles  from linear yesteryear, we updated the original bestseller with wrist length sleeves, a fab, flowy fabric and a more relaxed fit in the frock. Fret not, because you can knot, twist and belt the DUO in a multitude of new ways!

- Wear it as is for a classic maxi look from the front/ midi suprise from the side! Extra points if you decide to pull up the balloon sleeve to elbow length when transitioning through the 'what is this weather?' season :)
-Belt the dress underneath the back panel and cover over the front panel with the front closure of your belt for a billowy cape-like effect. May we suggest the #linearLinkBelt and #AvivBelt in clear to give your silhouette a more defined cut? Another option for you beloved belters is to pull the back panel over your shoulder and tuck the balance of the panel through your belt. You can repeat the step with the front panel on the other side for a bold shoulder they haven't seen before.
 -Knot the front and back panels to one side to create a subtle drape that says, "I can go classic too, ya know?" Switch sides and pull that knot to knee length for a looser take on the 'knot' so average midi.
-Only knot the front panel and let the back side billow in the season's best breeze. They may see you make a grand entrance, but there'll be plenty of drama as you exit anywhere.

Maybe we should have named this the 'VERSATIL-IO', but why waste time pronouncing all of those syllables when you can just buy the DUO now? :)