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      Tonight's THE night (or any night, for that matter!) Introducing the #linearEVE, the newest linear look that transitions from night to night (and all the hours in between). Inspired by my sister Chavie (aka EVE) who is 'differently abled', mobility is the main focus for this maxi. The EVE was designed with a number of features meant for EVERY. BODY.  If you are a lover of life and celebrator of EVERTYTHING (like CHAVIE!), this flowy frock is meant to take center stage for all your occasions! 

SLEEVE IT 2 ME -The EVE gets its moniker from its exaggerated..sleEVE (!!!) Gone is the wrist length column-cut style, replaced with the a 'belle' sleeve that fans out in all directions (and will garner fans from all directions!) Don't let the length get in the way of your favorite activities (like enjoying a bowl of cereal!). Hidden elastic cuffs at the elbow allow you to lift the sleeve to your desired height (and will keep your dress tidy from day to night).

ZIP IT UP -Like all of our new styles for Spring '24, the EVE is nursing friendly! This time we added an extra long (25 inches!) zipper for those who need extra assistance slipping in to this style.  From ruffled collar to clavicle, you decide where the zip should stop. Just step right in, zip right up, and you're good to go all night long! 

MAKE THE A-LIST -We kept the body of the EVE in a flattering cut that suits almost EVERY BODY (including expecting mamas- just size up in later months). The slight A-line silhouette looks perfect as is, but can have added structure when paired with a belt (try this one)!

 PRINTS PLEASE -This look is breathtaking no matter its fabrication, but we added two bold prints for some extra flair. You'll stand out in a sea of solids and garner plenty of compliments along the way. Consider this moment to make the most dramatic entrance/exit of the night!

If you are looking for a piece that works from sunrise to sunset soireé, then don't wait another night to get your hands on the #linearEVE :)