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The original Limited Edition caftan makes a comeback (after 9+ years!) with all new features- think front-facing zipper, new belting options, amazing new fabric, and a helpful sleeve 'MOD'ification. This classic staple (that belongs in every closet) can be worn out for cocktails or cruising the beachside boardwalk. 

FLOWING n FABULOUS! The luxurious airy finish on this flowy fabric will make a statement at any soireé. Got guests or will be one somewhere soon? This style screams hostess and hotel guest! Impress the masses with the crepe-like feel on the fabric that's a smooth as silk. The year round colors cast a beautiful sheen that's meant to be seen.  

BELT IT OUT! Watch the video below to see this in action! (*This video is from the prior run of this style in another fabric option, but the concepts are exactly the same!)

There's 3 ways to create a cooler silhouette on this creation.

1) BELT TO BOW- pull the belt through both openings (front and back) and knot into a bow at front for a cinched effect. (FYI- the original version only had this option)
2) BELT SOLO- Pull the belt behind your back so it is touching the back of your actual waist. Pull the belt ends through the front belt opening only and knot at the front to show off your curves.
3) BELT IT OUT- Wrap the belt completely around your body at waist without tucking in to the belt openings. Lift excess fabric over belt for a looser, relaxed vibe ( also a great option for petite frames to lift this maxi off the ground). 
PSA: Pregnant mamas and plus size ladies can wear this too thanks to its cool cut. Consider the belt placement to emphasize the curves you want to show off.)
4) BELT IT OFF- Skip the belt and aim to be effortless in this long column caftan. 
PSA AGAIN -We love the matching belt that comes with this caftan, but also think any skinny belt with a pop of color/finish (like the gold #linearLINKBELT from our ACCESSO-RISS section) would work with this maxi!

ZIP-ITY DO DA! Keep it fun and flirty, or consider it extremely nursing friendly when you wear this front-facing zipper both ways. Keep it up (all the way) or unzip a bit and tuck in the upper corners for a 'V'ery airy vibe. (FYI again- this is another new update to the #linearLECAFTAN based on customer feedback!)

SLEEVE IT 2 ME! Many modest minded customers have mentioned that they wished for an additional option to keep the loose, flowy sleeves at bay when they lift their arms up high. We added a small tack to the ends of the 'sleeve' as a MODification for those that want it. Are you a 'go with the flow' gal? It's easy to open the tacks. A seam ripper or small nail scissors can loosen the threads that keep the sleeve 'closed'. We sleeve it up to you to decide which option you prefer.

Can you CAFTAN? Make this maxi yours when you...BUY IT NOW :)