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It's not just a jacket/'s a MOVEment. Introducing the #linearMOVE , in its own category, because it's more than just one thing. This staple style will be the first thing you throw on..the first second of your day (bc it's just that good!) Pair with the matching #linearMOVE pants to get ready..SET...MOVE!! 

IT'S A CINCH! This may seem like a classic spring/summer style that you can literally toss over everything as-is (great for expecting mamas), but if you want to create some drama for the dress/jacket, simply cinch! Give 'em the 'cool shoulder' when you tighten the drawstrings at the sleeve for some extra flair. Want to create a new silhouette? The hidden drawstrings at the waist will allow you to create a more defined outline.  Needless to say, this option will make you feel more 'pulled together' (hehehe).

ZIPPITY-DO-DA! The two way zipper on this linear look means you can wear it at least 2 (or more) ways! MOVE the zipper  down at your neckline for a 'V' cool shape that's V nursing friendly too! Unzip at the bottom all the way to your waistline if you want to show off what lies beneath (think the cool skirt/legging/pant you just got).
Keep it completely zipped for some added coverage at the beach/pool, or wear alone with summer sandals to turn it into the dress of the season!

WIPE OUT! Got wet? That's ok! The #linearMOVE is WATER REPELLENT(!!!!!!)
 Watch those aqua molecules simply slide away! Now, we aren't saying to swim in the ocean in this style, but if some moisture makes it way on to your MOVE, it will simple MOVE right off. Also, lets take a moment to appreciate the fabric on this frock..think light parka, but as air-y as silk.. You'll want to slide right into this style the moment you wake up (ok, fine, you can leave your PJs on underneath..hehe)!

Looking for a style that has ease of MOVEment, and can go anywhere when you're on the move? You need to MOVE those fingers over to the BUY IT NOW button on site :)